Sunday, October 10, 2010

GTFA Softball Award

This month as we are approaching the one year anniversary since Sammy’s death we have been thinking about her a lot. Then on October 7th we were invited to attend the Glenview Titan’s Fastpitch Association’s annual meeting. Sam had played on the GTFA traveling softball team for 5 or 6 years. This past season every GTFA team in the league wore a special patch for Sammy on their uniform.

At the meeting Dolly, Tony and I weren’t surprised to see some of Sam’s old teammates and coaches from both her GTFA and high school playing years including Rick Jaegers, & Kay Sopocy.

What we weren’t expecting was the wonderful, yet very emotion tribute to Sam given by Kevin Christell. In Sam’s memory The Glenview Titan’s Fastpitch Association has started an annual award, the “Sammy Cipolla Award”. It is to be given to the girl who best exemplifies the attributes that made Sam not only a great softball player but also a great person.

Listed as their criteria for award:

A player who shows courage and calm inspiration by approaching seemingly challenging situations with confidence and ease.

A player who exhibits unique softball IQ.

A player who displays superior work ethic and passion for the game of softball.

A player who raises the morale and performance of the entire team through her contagious positive and enthusiastic nature.

A player who demonstrates true camaraderie by always supporting teammates and celebrating their triumphs.

The nominations for the first Sammy Cipolla award were;

From the 12 U teams Melissa Miller and Lisa Gebein. From the 14’s Alysa Strapko and the winner who played on the 18 and under team, Julia Williams
Congratulations to all the nominees and especially Julia Williams. We look forward to watching you play this coming spring for Glenbrook South.

This award means a lot to us especially because we do have so many great softball memories of Sam.

Thank you Kathleen and Kevin Christell, David May, the Morgans, and everyone involved at GTFA. It was so nice to hear these heartfelt words about Sam at a time when we selfishly needed it for ourselves. Also it was a great reminder to hear how Sam touched other people’s lives as well.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for your words from the heart and thanks GTFA for your reverence and rememberence of 1TC. She is missed but never,ever forgotten.