Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You

Thank you Father Matt, for flying in for us and the wonderful words you spoke. Thank you Colonial-Wojciechowski, the Glen Club and Precision Reproduction Inc. for your excellent service and professionalism. Thank you Megon McDonough for your beautiful voice, and especially our home base, OLPH, for your teachings, compassion and generosity.

To my best friend Marlo, thanks for all you did, your nonstop help, but mainly for being here for Dolly, as always, when she needed it most.

To all our well-wishers and everyone who attended, especially those from out of town or away at school, who made the long drive back or flew in, thank you so much.

I am sure Sam felt the strong outpouring of love, as we did, all weekend long.




Anonymous said...

I do not know your family but only live a suburb or two away in Park Ridge and have a 20 year old (and 16 year old) daughter. I saw the death notice for your daughter, Samantha, in the paper which lead me to her blog. She was a beautiful girl who handled her circumstances with amazing grace. I could tell from all the posts, both by her and other family members, how much you all love eachother. You were all very lucky to have had her and she was very lucky to have had all of you. Now that she is at eternal peace, I hope you and your family will find much needed rest and peace as well. I have thought about and prayed for your family often in the past week and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter's blog touched me so much I had to write and let you know. I happened to see the obituary of this beautiful young girl in the paper and wanted to learn more about her. I have two grown daughters and live in a NW suburb of Chicago. Samantha was such a courageous girl and You must be so proud of her. You are such a wonderful family and are so lucky to have each other. May God grant you peace. My prayers are with you.