Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I wish i had more patience

So another day.. and we still dont know. We've been in touch with my pediatrician becuase he's getting in touch with all the other doctors for us and coordinating everything. Children's memorial had my films today and were looking at them, but they weren't sure what it was. They ruled out something pediatric though. They said they are pretty sure its something extremely rare, but there is the possibility that its something common presenting itself in a very weird way. They are now being sent to University of Chicago to be looked at. I'm told the doctor that will be working with me there is one of the best in the state, and even in the nation in rare types of cancers, so that's comforting. They are going to try and figure out what it is there, and I will probably be admitted there within the next couple of days. It's just a waiting game. It's weird because I really want to know what it is, but I actually think I am not minding that much becuase it's a little more time to prepare myself mentally before everything happens. So for tonight another day of not knowing. My cancer doc, Dr. Dragon will probably call tonight and give us more updates. Lots of love


Unknown said...

Hi Sam, you don't know me but I'm a good friend of your aunt Mary,,, We have a condo in the same building but we live in California... I want you to know that I belong to A christian prayer group that meets once a week on sunday afternnoons. There are 8 women all who are korean except 2. (Myself and a woman from Germany.) I will be meeting with my group on sunday and share your story. We will be praying for you every week in california....

Hope to meet you and I send you all the love and encouragement.
Your aunt Mary makes me laugh soooo much. I just love her.

Much love,
Frances Newcombe

Vanessa said...

Hey Sam,

This is the first time I've been on or even seen a blog page. It's pretty cool. Thanks for having a way to update everyone because we truly want to know whats going on without having to bother you or your family every other day. You're definitely a "tough cookie" and you ARE going to beat this! You're young and have the right attitude. You also have tons of family and friends that love you and are with you in every way.

I think the dog idea is a good one. Alani wanted a dog from the moment she could speak and we just kept saying no. Finally last year we broke down and now have another member of the family. Sorsha brings a kind of silliness to the family. Don't get me wrong, they can definitely be a pain at times but they also bring a lot of joy. Shall I speak to your folks about this?! If they won't budge you could always do foster dog care!


p.s. I prefer the natural hair color but the blond with blue streaks would be great for a night on the town!

Sadie said...

Hey sammy~
I love the blog idea, I was literally laughing out loud when I read the Dr Dragon story. I am glad that your images went through Childrens and will check out if they are still here and ask someone I know to take a look. I do work there ya know, I will try to get any additional info that I can but it seems like you are being updated frequently but just in case. I hope they are still here but ya never know. You are going to kick this bugs ass chika!!!!
Luv ya
PS Love the blonde hair, I have been a blonde my whole life and am partial to the color. They say blondes have more fun too!!!! I think that it is sooo true!!

Brad Maher said...

Hey Sam, I don't know if you remember me, but i'm Sadie's friend Brad. She recently filled me in on whats going on in your life and I have read some of your blogs. I know I don't know you that well but from what I do know about you and reading your blogs you are a very special person. Me and my family will be praying for you. Keep that positive attitude and put your faith in God and you will make it through anything. Keep working on getting that dog because he is really cute.